RFC: pt_BR vs. pt -- langpack split and fallback languages

Arne Goetje arne.goetje at canonical.com
Tue Jun 16 14:52:18 BST 2009

Og Maciel wrote:
> Hi Arne,
> * Fallback settings for pt_BR: en:en_US
> Also, there shouldn't be a pt_PT... it is all pt, but I'll let the pt
> team chime in.

Unfortunately there are some packages, which install pt_PT translations.
Mostly universe packages I suppose, but also some in main. Take a look
into /usr/share/locale/ and /usr/share/locale-langpack/ if you find a
pt_PT directory there.
You may want to check if those translations are still valid, or if they
are leftovers from older releases, in which case we may be able to
remove them from future langpacks. :)

Any comment on the proposed language-pack split?


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