how to get started?

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Sun Jun 14 15:59:43 BST 2009

Thanks for your reply, Brad
By the way I'm in HCMC, where can I find the group in HCMC?

On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 8:11 PM, Brad Crittenden <bac at> wrote:

> On Jun 14, 2009, at 08:44 , Phu Hoang Xuan wrote:
>  Hello everyone,
>> First of all I hope that I'm not spamming you all with this email...
>> My name is Hoang Xuan Phu, I am a Vietnamese student who would love to get
>> involved in the development of ubuntu. Although I major in computer science,
>> I must admit that I am no linux geek (actually I got my first linux distro -
>> intrebix, just several months ago). Thus I think that I would do the
>> translation first, until I get enough skill to get into messing with the
>> packages.
>> I have been looking through the FAQs and I have been in the mailing list
>> for quite some time. All the pages say that it should be very quick before I
>> can start helping, but I myself don't get any idea out of them. Can someone
>> post a usable guide somewhere (or if it is already somewhere, give me a
>> link)? Anyway a page like that would be very helpful, and if it is already
>> posted I think we should make it easier to find. I can't stop thinking about
>> other people like me...
> Hello Phu,
> You don't mention where you are in Viet Nam but I'd like to point out there
> are very active Linux user groups in Ha Noi and in HCMC.  Information on the
> HanoiLUG can be found at  If you are in Ha Noi
> I'd urge you to get involved with the group as they can help you to start
> contributing -- and their meetings are quite fun too.
> I'm sure others on this list will offer concrete suggestions on how to
> start translating.  Thank you for your interest in Linux and Ubuntu.
> Best,
> Brad Crittenden
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