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Brad Crittenden bac at
Sun Jun 14 14:11:19 BST 2009

On Jun 14, 2009, at 08:44 , Phu Hoang Xuan wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> First of all I hope that I'm not spamming you all with this email...
> My name is Hoang Xuan Phu, I am a Vietnamese student who would love  
> to get involved in the development of ubuntu. Although I major in  
> computer science, I must admit that I am no linux geek (actually I  
> got my first linux distro - intrebix, just several months ago). Thus  
> I think that I would do the translation first, until I get enough  
> skill to get into messing with the packages.
> I have been looking through the FAQs and I have been in the mailing  
> list for quite some time. All the pages say that it should be very  
> quick before I can start helping, but I myself don't get any idea  
> out of them. Can someone post a usable guide somewhere (or if it is  
> already somewhere, give me a link)? Anyway a page like that would be  
> very helpful, and if it is already posted I think we should make it  
> easier to find. I can't stop thinking about other people like me...

Hello Phu,

You don't mention where you are in Viet Nam but I'd like to point out  
there are very active Linux user groups in Ha Noi and in HCMC.   
Information on the HanoiLUG can be found at   
If you are in Ha Noi I'd urge you to get involved with the group as  
they can help you to start contributing -- and their meetings are  
quite fun too.

I'm sure others on this list will offer concrete suggestions on how to  
start translating.  Thank you for your interest in Linux and Ubuntu.


Brad Crittenden

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