Translation templates that are used in a default installation of Ubuntu?

Adi Roiban adi at
Thu Jun 11 18:06:26 BST 2009

În data de Jo, 11-06-2009 la 17:17 +0700, Cá Vàng a scris:
> Hello everyone.
> So if you can, please help us making a list of templates that need to be trans-
> -lated in order to make a fully localised version of Ubuntu. It would
> be great if
> you can send us a list like that, but if you don't have the time, then
> you could
> just tell us how to do so.

Unfortunately there is not a list of templates that needs to be
translated for a fully localized version of Ubuntu.
It is hard to define when Ubuntu is fully localized. Are we talking
about the packages installed on the LiveCD, on the main repository...
universe? ... they are all part of Ubuntu.

A fist step would be to translate all available applications from the
live CD, mainly GNOME templates, debian installer, ubuntu-docs and other
Ubuntu specific applications.

Ubuntu is mainly a collection of free software and I think that prior of
having a fully translated Ubuntu you should consider having GNOME/KDE
translated upstream and from there the translations will be automaticaly
imported in Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian ... etc

To achive a complete localized version of Ubuntu you will also need to
for upstream, as for example GNOME help files included in Ubuntu are not
translated in Launchpad. 
Please also consider joining the GNOME l10n team:

In listing and prioritizing templates, you can find some in the
Translating Ubuntu wiki:

For example a list of Ubuntu specific packages (those that are not
translated upstream)

You can also use "dpkg" to get the list of packages intalled on a livecd
or on your targeted Ubuntu.

For any other questions feel free to ask!

Adi Roiban

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