kcm-gtk 0.5.2

Jonathan Thomas echidnaman at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 18:05:36 BST 2009

Hello to all translators from KDE and Ubuntu,

I am here to announce the release of kcm-gtk 0.5.2, as well as it's string 
freeze. kcm-gtk is a fork of the GTK+ styles and fonts configuration module 
from gtk-qt-engine, which is sadly now unmaintained. I have taken the 
configuration module and geared it towards GTK+ appearance control in KDE in 
general. It's project page can be found here: https://launchpad.net/kcm-gtk/

Anyway, the reason I am writing this email is that Yuri Chornoivan (yurchor) 
of KDE and David Planella (dpm) of Ubuntu suggested that I announce this 
release to both kde-i18n-doc and the Ubuntu translators lists.

Anybody who wishes to translate can find the sources in the tarball 
(https://launchpad.net/kcm-gtk/+download) for use with you favorite 
translation tools. You can send patches to me and I will see that they get 
applied in the 0.5.x project quickly.  I would prefer emailing translation 
patches to me rather than using Rosetta, to prevent a duplication of work, but 
I suppose that duplication could occur emailing patches as well. The best 
thing to do in this case would to check the bzr repo and the Rosetta page to 
see what has been done. (Rosetta is a bit out of date at the moment, as I've 
not gotten 0.5.2 with the string merges from gtk-qt-engine uploaded to Ubuntu 

The project is fully outfitted with a Messages.sh setup, and ships the po's in 
the po/ folder. Please report any l10n bugs that you may find.

There are a few string changes in comparison to gtk-qt-engine, mostly string 
removals though. The languages that were translated before should still mostly 
be translated.

Eventually I would like to see kcm-gtk come officially in to KDE, at least in 
to extragear. (Anybody have tips on how to start that process?) It's not 
distribution-specific at all, I don't think. Until then, I would graciously 
accept any translation help that is offered to the project.


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