Russian translation of KDEnLive with Rosetta

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Mon Jan 12 20:06:30 GMT 2009


Il giorno lun, 12/01/2009 alle 21.28 +0300, Jury Azovtzev ha scritto:
> One of my colleg and me would like to translate kdenlive application.
> As i found in "Ubuntu: official cource book" translation should be on
> lounchpad in rosetta project.
> But. when i try to go to i
> get meggase " Translation setup needed. You might want to talk with
> Alex Matthew Lowe, the project registrant, about using Launchpad for
> translations."
> Could you, please, give a hint what should i do next?

the kdenlive package is in the universe component, so it's not possibile
to translate it using Launchpad.

You should really ask the developers if they want to use Launchpad for
handling translations.

In the meantime, what I suggest you, is taking contact with the last
usptream translator, and ask him/her how you can help and cooperate.

Looking at their website [1] though, looks like there's no "official"
upstream Russian translation (the page could be pretty outdated), but in
a branch in the source [2] looks like there's a Russian one. It's really
better to keep in touch with that translator.

Hope this can help.


Milo Casagrande <milo at>
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