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Adi Roiban adi at
Fri Feb 27 22:19:53 UTC 2009

În data de Sb, 28-02-2009 la 00:23 +0800, Arne Goetje a scris:
> Dear all,
> just a quick note, since I'm dealing with multiple issues at once
> again... :(
> Maybe you have noticed already, we have a shiny new link in Rosetta,
> called "Translation help". This link is visible for all projects under
> the "ubuntu-translators" umbrella and currently links to
> .
AptOnCD is a project under ubuntu-translators umbrella but the link goes
to Launchpad help page:

This is the link i see for "Translation help"

> Now, that the contents of that page could need some improvements, I'd
> like to ask for volunteers to update that page.
I agree with the fact that page should be improved.

> Alternatively, if you know a page with better information and think that
> one would be more suitable, please suggest the link to this list, so
> that we can update the link in Rosetta.
Here I tried to gather some general hints about doing translations:

> Related to that: we have a number of projects under the
> "ubuntu-translators" umbrella. I would like to suggest to review the
> list of projects and move those to "launchpad-translators" where it
> makes sense. If you need help with that, please shout! ;)
We must check with project is actualy using Rosetta... I know that some
of there are listed there, even thou they don't use rosetta for
Here is the bug report.

I don't know who has the authority to move those projects. I assume it's
the project maintainer and in this case we should spam them with a
request for moving to launchpad-translators and give them a good reason
to do so.

I am a suporter of `launchpad-translators" but right now I don't know a
good reason for switching.

>From my point of view we should organized "launchpad-translators" and
then ask projects to move. 

Me and Milo are working at a launchpad-translators documentation:
My version:
Milo's version:

Those pages contains useful information that could be also applied to
ubuntu-translators. We only need to decide what is useful and what is

What is your opinion ?

> Thanks a bunch
> Arne
Adi Roiban

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