Problems and suggestions in Launchpad translations (rosseta)

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Thu Feb 26 20:14:02 UTC 2009

Hi Adi,

У чет, 26. 02 2009. у 19:53 +0200, Adi Roiban пише:
> I don't have a general answer, but for example for GNOME, all GNOME
> packages could be taged and be availalbe for translation in Ubuntu,
> only after the GNOME release, with a BIG note telling translators why
> they can not translate GNOME in LP right now and a guide to help them
> join the uptream project.

That's not the answer.  It entirely depends on the translation team.  If
GNOME upstream team wants to use Launchpad as a *tool* to the
translation and then download PO files and submit them upstream, why
should we stop them?

The solution is to enable per-language team choice which would be per
package, but you can imagine how that's not trivial to do :)
 <> ‫
> Well in Launchpad you can translate upstream projects , and each
> upstream project can choose if it want to use launchpad for
> translation.
> Right now each project is free to import it's trunck branch into
> Launchpad.
> GNOME is free to import the trunk branch in LP, but this action
> depends on the upstream will :)

Not really, if we communicate everything well, we can have parallel team
structure in Launchpad for those that are interested in using LP as a
translation tool: I still believe it's the best tool to do translation
maintenance, and as soon as we get bazaar support in, I'd like us to
start including upstream trunk translations.  However, in those cases
we'd strictly enforce that such projects use proper translation group
(like gnome-translators) and we'd only allow actual upstream translation
coordinators to run team in it.

> Talk to the GNOME Greek translators and see if they are willing to
> import trunk in LP.

But this should not stop GNOME Romanian (hypothetically) translators
from using Launchpad as a tool and getting their PO files in an easy way
and submitting them themselves (or, once we get APIs, writing tools to
submit them directly to upstream source code repositories or translation
frameworks like the one GNOME has now).

We just didn't set any of this up yet because we don't want to manually
sync translations for all possible upstreams.

> There are discussions about creating such a glossary in Launchpad, but
> I think that for now  the main goal on LP is to prepare the project to
> be free software.

There are other priorities, but the simple approach for Glossary I
wanted won't really work.  Which means we'd have to develop a full
glossary, which means a lot more work.

> For Ubuntu it's easy... just look at the "needs review" column.
> In addition I have created this webpages:
> I know they are not officials , but it's a starting point. 

These pages are excellent: we are having a UI sprint next week, and I'll
make sure we plan how to solve this problem by integrating necessary
features inside Launchpad.

Thanks for taking the time to do them, I believe they are really helpful
for everybody until we get Launchpad to play nicer about this stuff :)


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