voting on a string

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Thu Feb 5 12:46:40 UTC 2009

Hi Kenneth,

У нед, 01. 02 2009. у 01:56 +0100, Kenneth Nielsen пише:
> Changed the spelling error in the title so that it now is sign-off the
> way it should be, that means that it is now to new URL's

Thanks for filing these and explaining it in this many details.  I
believe I am sort-of-aware of what it is that you are proposing here.

As we discussed previously, I don't like the idea too much: it is about
introducing another layer for people to submit something (without it
ever being looked at, which is a likely to happen).  Simply, our current
reviewing mechanisms are not being used to an enough extent to warrant
introducing another layer in between. And, there's still a lot we can do
to improve the current reviewing workflow so it's more usable without
introducing more complications.

And you might be surprised, but implementing feedback and commenting
system would be easier than actually doing this (and a better solution
to the problem, imo) — this is actually what makes me not like the
proposed solution.  I.e. if you came up with something that would be
simpler to implement and obviously more useful (this one might be more
useful than having a commenting system, but it's not too obvious), I'd
be happy to have us consider working on it sooner rather than later. :)

Of course, once we come to start discussing implementing this, we'll
consider your proposal as well.  So, maybe I just don't see all the
benefits of the proposed solution yet, and will see them as the time


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