When to open translations of Lucid

Aron Xu happyaron.xu at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 12:05:58 GMT 2009

Hi everyone,

It is time for us to have a discussion about when we should open
translations of Lucid on Launchpad, I know it is an old topic for
every release, but it worth I think, :)
David told me they proposed to open translations around Alpha3
releases, then it will be about February 25th according to Lucid
Release Schedule[1]. I want to here about your ideas about such a
time, to see if we should change the time (earlier).

The major concern about the time is our cooperation with upstream
projects (e.g. GNOME), if we open too early, some teams who are not
closely involved with upstream projects will have duplicate work
perhaps, but if too late time will be very limit for translators to
get their work done.

David told me they propose Alpha3 on UDS because it is the time that
GNOME has it's String Freeze comes at February 22nd[2]. I propose we
can open it a bit earlier, two or three weeks earlier, that is around
February 4th or 11th to open the translations. In these weeks strings
on GNOME upstream won't change a lot, but translators will feel much
more loose on time. With these time added to our translation calendar
translators can do a lot of QA works during testers are using Lucid
desktop, and don't let them rush in the final two months. If we open
translation at Alpha3, we will have about 1 month to reach
Documentation String Freeze, three weeks more for Non Language Pack
Translation Deadline and another one week for Language Pack
Translation Deadline, during the time we need to finish translating
the Ubuntu specific strings, check all available translations in a
good shape, then fix bugs, especially for teams without enough
participates, things will be somehow messed up I guess.

So, what about your ideas about to open translations on the end of
February (Alpha3), or some time earlier (hopefully February 4th -


Aron Xu

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