Considerations about official localized editions of Live CDs

Nobuto MURATA pores.n at
Sat Dec 19 12:56:57 GMT 2009

I just tell you how Japanese LoCo deals with this issue now.

Like Adi Roiban wrote,
We also makes localized LiveCD image, Ubuntu Japanese Remix.
LoCo members test this image and release at our LoCo page.

Our Customized CD includes Japanese translations and ibus-anthy (it's
necessary for inputing Japanese language), etc.

Our work is listed in derivative page[1].

Users can confirm that Ubuntu Japanese Team is approved by Ubuntu
community on Ubuntu Wiki page[2].

Did you mean that this way is not enough?
And do you think that Canonical or Ubuntu Community should offer
localized LiveCD images directly?


Nobuto MURATA / 村田信人
pores.n at

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