GNU Grub

Iñigo Varela malditoastur at
Mon Dec 7 09:59:39 GMT 2009

Yes, I'm interested in translate only this text:

"Use the (up) and (down) keys to select whic entry is highlighted."
"Press enter to boot the selected OS, 'e' to edit the"
"commands before booting, or 'c' for a command-line"

Thinking only in users, I know that there are a lot of users that don't
speak english, so this text should be translated...

Iñigo Varela.
malditoastur at 

El llu, 07-12-2009 a les 11:20 +0200, Khaled Hosny escribió:

> This seems to be translations for the various command line tools shipped
> with grub, not the actual bootloader that displays the message
> malditoastur was asking about.
> Regards,
>  Khaled

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