Ubuntu Translation bug handling process

Sense Hofstede sense at qense.nl
Thu Dec 3 19:27:54 GMT 2009


Browsing the BugDay of this day[1] I can't help but feel that a lot of
these bugs have appeared on the list because the ubuntu-translators
project doesn't want to use or cannot set importance and the Triaged
status. I suspect the latest.
This means that the status of the bug reports that are mainly handled
by Ubuntu Translators will continue to pop up on search results like
the one used for the lists of this BugDay.

The triaging process for translation bugs is further complicated by
the requirement to report it both against the source package of the
affected application and the ubuntu-translations project. This forces
us to maintain two sets of statuses, each subject to the rule of a
different team. This causes confusion.

Then there is the problem of the difference between translations made
at Launchpad and translations made upstream. Some bugs have to be
fixed here, some have to be forwarded upstream.

I suggest to make the process of reporting more clear by implementing
the following changes:

1. The starting point of all translation bugs -- unless you know
better already -- can still be the source package of the affected
2. No extra tasks for bugs in upstream translations, this only adds
extra clutter to the overview, generates extra mail noise and
generates more work and confusion.
3. Bugs in translations done at Launchpad should be reported against
ubuntu-translations and keep the source package task, because:
4. The source package task is for maintaining the status of the bug
concerning the system -- i.e. if the bug has been Triaged(=reported
properly upstream or at ubuntu-translations) or if the Fix is Released
-- the ubuntu-translations task should be for the status of the fix in
Rosetta or the team only
4b. This means that translation bugs always need to be 'forwarded
upstream', be it to real upstreams or to ubuntu-translations. This is
what the triagers should focus on when triaging these bugs.
5. Responsible for setting the status in ubuntu-translations are their
(appointed?) members, responsible for the source package task is Bug
Control (and the Bugsquad). Some members of ubuntu-translations that
are very active on Launchpad/Malone could be granted membership of
Ubuntu Bugcontrol -- if they don't already are a member -- to make it
easier for them to manage the source package tasks.
6. Use the Triaged status for the source package when the Bugsquad
doesn't need to do any work on it anymore!

These points don't add a lot of new stuff, but things would be a bit
clearer if both teams would agree on them and integrate them into the

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20091203

Sense Hofstede
/ˈsen.sɜː ˈhɒf.steɪdɜː/

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