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Wed Aug 26 22:14:35 BST 2009

* Adds PolicyKit support. The gksu password dialog is no longer shown.
No passwords are required to use usb-creator in the default PolicyKit
* Moves logging to ~/.usbcreator.log from /tmp/usb-creator.log.
* Icons are shown next to the drives once again now that usb-creator uses gio.
* Non-size columns in both tree views will expand to fill available
space, but the size columns will stay fixed (but resizeable).
* Adds a retry dialog (that has existed in the Windows frontend for
quite some time) so that the user can attempt to continue when the
md5sums of written files do not match their source.

These changes are all necessary. There were a number of odd UI issues
when usb-creator was run as root. The lack of icons and the poorly
spaced columns were a regression from 9.04, and the missing retry
dialog meant that often needed functionality, while present, could not
be used (outside of Windows).

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