Translating Xubuntu in Urdu

Adi Roiban adi at
Fri Apr 24 14:50:11 BST 2009


I know that the translation for xubuntu-docs is here:

I am not familiar with XFCE, but I am not sure if XFCE packages are in
Ubuntu main repository, and not in universe. 
If XFCE and other Xubuntu packates are in Universe repository, you will
not be able to translate xubuntu using Rosetta.

I recommend to translate in Urde starting from the upstream projects.

Maybe you can find this page useful: 

Apart from XFCE, maybe you will need to also translates pidgin, firefox
or some other GNOME applications.

But from my point of view, translating upstream should be the right
thing to do. 

If you need any other help please let me know.


On Thu, 2009-04-23 at 17:01 +0600, Noumaan Yaqoob wrote:
> Hello, 
> recently we have developed a small team and decided to work on Xubuntu
> to localize it in Urdu language. By this message we seek assistance
> from fellow translators to help us identify the translation templates
> on launchpad that we need to translate in order to get a completely
> translated Urdu version after a default Xubuntu installation.
> Secondly, we need translators to join us so that we can get Jaunty
> translated as soon as we can. translators can contact me directly. 
> We tried to figure out the translation templates but we can not
> understand which templates we should translate for Xubuntu. While at
> launchpad, I realized that it is difficult to search for translation
> packages inside a particular language group. One can search packages
> in Jaunty but not all packages there have translation templates we are
> just totally clueless. 
> We would appreciate if some one can help us by either sending us the
> all pot files needed to be translated for Xubuntu in zip format or
> helping us maintain a list of translation templates that need to be
> translated. We have figured out a few of the translation templates and
> are working on them. But we want to translate it as completely as we
> possibly can.  So that we could later work on a remastered version of
> Xubuntu as the first complete Urdu Operating system, that is light
> weight, free, and has fantastic Urdu read write support. 
> Noumaan
Adi Roiban

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