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Russian is complete.


2009/4/22, Steve Langasek <steve.langasek at canonical.com>:
> Hi folks,
>> Draft release notes for Ubuntu 9.04 are available at
>> <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyJackalope/ReleaseNotes>.  While these are
>> not yet final, I expect that all the issues documented there will be
>> included in the final release notes.
> Thanks to everyone who has provided release notes translations so far!  The
> release notes on this page have been expanded to include documentation for a
> number of other issues.  If you have already translated the release notes
> from the release candidate, please re-visit this page to find additional
> errata that should be documented for the release so that users will have
> up-to-date release notes in your language.
> As before, please use
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyJackalope/ReleaseNotes/<langcode> for your
> translations, and coordinate with Matthew Nuzum
> <matthew.nuzum at canonical.com> (cc:ed), when you are ready to have these
> translations linked from the Ubuntu website.
> Thanks,
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