Translations have become suggestions

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Mon Apr 20 15:58:26 BST 2009

Hello Moritz,

Moritz Baumann wrote:

>> 1. Other translations were imported (or selected by another translation
>> team member) after you provided yours.
> No other member of the German team had worked on these templates.

>> 2. If you did a published upload, then any non-published translations
>> that Launchpad had for the same strings would remain selected, and the
>> newly-imported ones would be taken as suggestions.
> Even if the string had not been translated before the imported
> translation is now shown as a suggestion. And after the import all new
> translations had (temporarily) been shown as the current translation,
> that's what puzzles me most.

Puzzling indeed!  Do you know exactly when this was?  We may be able to 
correlate it to something.


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