How/Who to Contact on Team Appointments

Arne Goetje arne.goetje at
Sat Apr 18 16:15:04 UTC 2009

Dax Solomon Umaming wrote:
> Hello again,
> There are a couple languages native to the Philippines, and we wish to
> take ownership of them. Is it possible to assign the following (see
> below) languages to a single team[1] or do we need to create a different
> team for each language? Also, what's the process or who do we contact
> for this?
> Languages:
> -Hiligaynon
> -Cebuano
> -Pangasinan
> -Pampanga
> -Iloko
> -Bikol

I have done the assignment.

However, please note that none of the languages you mentioned has a
locale in the glibc library and hence those translations won't be usable
unless you provide locales for them.

If you want me to help you to create those locales, please contact me
off list. If you want to do it yourself, please do so and submit the
locales to upstream glibc for inclusion. Also please notify me when
you've done so, so that I can follow up on the process, as I'm taking
care of the language packs in Ubuntu.

Also, it appears that the information about plural forms for those
languages (except Cebuano) is still missing.
Can you please file a question here:
and give the necessary information about the plural forms?



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