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Adi Roiban adi at
Fri Apr 17 09:33:10 BST 2009

On Fri, 2009-04-17 at 10:04 +0200, David Planella wrote:
> El dj 16 de 04 de 2009 a les 22:47 +0300, en/na Adi Roiban va escriure:


For any problem please try to use the ubuntu-start-page bug report :)

> I have also noticed a problem: in the current version (at least last
> evening), the "Ubuntu help" link appears untranslated. I have noticed a
> couple of things:

Here is the bug report.

> * At some point all strings in Catalan were translated in Jaunty, but
> there was a template change (I think from "Ubuntu Help" to "Ubuntu
> help") and then they started to appear untranslated. The last
> translation in Launchpad for this string was on 2009-03-24 [1]
> * The template [1] does not seem to reflect what has been released.
> There is still a mixture of capitals (Ubuntu Start Page, Ubuntu shop)
> and the "Ubuntu Help" string there is different to the released "Ubuntu
> help" one. I think it might be a matter of updating the template.
The template and po files should be updated now... or waiting in the
import queue.

I tried to used the automatic Rosetta import feature release this cycle,
but it looks like it's not ready yet... so I went back to manual import.

> Adi, Matthew, do you think you could you shed any light on this?
I think that everything is ok... I will talk with Matt and see when we
can push a new update to .

The translated html files can be branched from here:

I have also updated the test page:

Adi Roiban

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