ubuntu-docs jaunty final testing

Artur Szymanski arteek at wp.pl
Fri Apr 10 10:15:38 BST 2009

--------Oryginal Message---------:
> Hi,
> I've just uploaded what *should* be the last version of ubuntu-docs
> for this release cycle, version 9.04.9. gnome-user-docs translations
> will follow shortly, hopefully tomorrow.
> The upload includes latest translations from Rosetta and a couple of
> bug fixes that could safely be done without breaking the string
> freeze.
> Once it has been approved and built, it would be much appreciated if
> anyone running Jaunty could put it through some rigorous testing to
> ensure that there are no final serious problems which need fixing
> before the release.
>>From now on any bug fixing that we do in Jaunty will have to go
> through the StableReleaseUpdate process. Please open specific "jaunty"
> tasks on any bugs which you feel are suitable for fixing in that
> process.
> Finally, congratulations to everyone involved in this release. I
> really feel that this is our best release so far for Ubuntu
> documentation. I'm pretty sure the documentation is more up to date
> than before, has closed more bugs than before, and has more extensive
> translations than before, and that's due to everyone who has
> contributed: thanks.


First of all, congratualtions for all people cotributed to Ubuntu
Documentation. Good work!

I have a question about bug reports for ubuntu-doc packages during tests
of finall release. As I recently filled 3 bug reports against this
package and was informed that appriopiate patches will be applied to
Karmic, I would like to ask whether I should wait with next bugs to
Karmic or report it to Jaunty yet.
Today I updated ubuntu-doc from Jaunty repesitory and found few errors
(eg. empty link to Magnatune in music.xml or hubackup package in
keeping-safe.xml that could not be install because it no exist in

Best Regards,

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