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Milo Casagrande milo at casagrande.name
Wed Apr 8 21:23:41 BST 2009

Il giorno mer, 08/04/2009 alle 18.30 +0100, Jonathan Riddell ha scritto:
> Not sure on that one, maybe Launchpad isn't deleting obsolete
> messages.  Can you send me some examples?

I checked within the package a little bit better, some strings have
'Kubuntu' in them, others that are not translated (at least for Italian
after having reimported the upstream version of the package) are located
- obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kate/ui_filetypeconfigwidget.h
- obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kate/ui_searchbarincremental.h
- obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kio/ui_kpropertiesdesktopbase.h
- obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/kate/ui_commandmenueditwidget.h
- khtml/html/html_formimpl.cpp
- kdecore/kernel/kaboutdata.cpp

Lots of those strings have suggestions coming from 'kate' or 'katepart4'
packages in Jaunty or Intrepid.

If you need (some of) the exact strings let me know.

> > - desktop-kdepim from kdepim: little difference from upstream stable (4
> > messages)
> Able to send me these?


- Nepomuk Contact Ontology
- Nepomuk Contact Ontology describes contact information, common in many
places on the desktop.
- Nepomuk Message Ontology
- The Nepomuk Message Ontology extends the NEPOMUK Information Element
framework into the domain of messages. Kinds of messages covered by NMO
include Emails and instant messages.

Located in obj-ia64-linux-gnu/akonadi/nepomuk/nco.desktop and

Some other packages I was looking into (I'm reporting them here just to
know if they are upstream or if Kubuntu is the upstream or whatever info
you may have):

- desktop-kipi-plugins: don't know where to find it upstream
- kio-media (in kdebase): didn't find it upstream, found a lot of kio-*,
but not this one
- ksync (in kdepim): didn't find any *sync package upstream in kdepim
- skim: i suppose is KDE, but don't know where to look for an upstream,
at least it doesn't seem to be in KDE svn
- the kde4libs package Bruno quoted in another mail is indeed a
desktop-kde4libs package
- desktop-digikam: the only language that I see has an upstream
translation is French
- desktop-kdebase-runtime: lot of strings are similar to the
desktop-kdebase (at least suggestions are coming from that)
- desktop-plasma-widget-network-manager
- desktop-plasma-widget-quickaccess
- desktop-plasmoid-quickaccess
- desktop-quassel
- desktop-skanlite
- desktop-soprano
- kde-qt (http://is.gd/rt8q): 0 strings in Launchpad, template looks
empty, upstream should have translations
- libknmui: the source appears to be plasma-widget-network-manager
- phonon-gstreamer (in qt4-x11): Launchpad says it has a length of 0,
but upstream looks like it has some translations
- solid4 (in kde4libs)

It's a rather long list... if you need any links to Launchpad or any
other info, let me know.

Thank you.

Milo Casagrande <milo at casagrande.name>
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