?????: Appeal to the developers/translators

Artur Szymanski arteek at wp.pl
Tue Apr 7 07:28:50 BST 2009

--------Oryginal Message---------:
> On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 09:46:57AM +0400, Oleg Koptev wrote:
>> In reference to upstream teams - dunno, but I think somebody from here
>> are in tight contact with them (as I see at Og e-mail adress for
>> example). So it could be figured out there in any case.
> You don't need "tight contact with" upstream to report bugs (non-obvious
> strings lacking context is a bug), just open and account in, say, gnome
> bugzilla and file bug report(s) against the relevant module(s), this way
> you know for sure that the developers know about the issue and can work
> on it.


You said that non-obvious string lacking context is a bug. I cannot
agree with this, becuase this context usually you can find in real
appliacation. If you would open translated programm and try to find
doubtful string/option, you would not need a comment for such string.

In my opinion, before start to translate application, each translator
should first learn it and if he still don't know a meaning of translated
string, then he should contact with developers or submit the bug report.

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