Appeal to the developers/translators

Oleg Koptev koptev.oleg at
Mon Apr 6 19:28:45 BST 2009

Hello all!

Want to appeal to all those, who responsible for upload translation
templates onto Rosetta.
I understand, that this mail list not the best place for yell to developers,
but imho better doesn't exist.

The cause of problem is in the poor comment for translators in items, where
are only adjectives placed.
And the problem itself is that adjectives in English doesn't have gender, in
contradistinction to e.g. Russian.

For example 'tall guy' in english is 'высокИЙ парень' in russian, but 'tall
girl' is 'высокАЯ девушка'.
As you see, ending of adjectives is different, depends on gender of noun.

For example - *

*In this string there are only adjectives and no comments at all about what
it's adjectives about.

So, I ask all who can contribute for better commenting of similar strings do

Best wishes to all!
C уважением, Коптев Олег
With respect,  Oleg Koptev

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