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Milo Casagrande milo at casagrande.name
Fri Apr 3 19:55:06 BST 2009


while looking at all the translatable packages in Launchpad my eyes got
caught by some KDE packages that are without translations or with
translations half done.

Nothing new for a translation team, but the problem is that I and nobody
in the Italian team that are KDE upstream translators know if those
packages are coming from upstream, if they are coming from upstream but
have been modified for Kubuntu or are Kubuntu specific.

The one that really caught my eyes, and when I raised this issue, is
system-config-printer-kde. I manually re-imported it because I knew it
was fully translated upstream, but like for many other languages it is

I'm linking some of those packages here:

- system-config-printer-kde http://is.gd/qz6T
- plasma-engine-systemmonitor http://is.gd/qztj
- plasma-applet-networkmanager http://is.gd/qzua
- plasma-applet-networkmanagement http://is.gd/qzzC
- kpackagekit http://is.gd/qzBN (there is an upstream version of this
package, but I can't find translations in it)
- and others...

Is there a way to find out if packages like those are not coming from
upstream or if they have been customized for Kubuntu? Who should I / we

Looking at the Overview page of one package sometimes you may guess if
it's coming from upstream or not... but it's not the best way to look
into it...

Other translators know something more?

Any help to cast some light here would be appreciate.


Milo Casagrande <milo at casagrande.name>
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