Danilo Šegan danilo at
Fri Apr 3 10:19:03 UTC 2009

Hi Milo, Colin,

У пет, 03. 04 2009. у 11:54 +0200, Milo Casagrande пише:
> Colin Watson ha scritto:
> > Actually, in this case it's better to ask the guy responsible for
> > gfxboot-theme-ubuntu, i.e. me. Emmet Hikory did this in
> >
> > 
> > I've added these strings, although I don't know whether there'll be time
> > to translate them. 
> Wouldn't it be possible to manually "push" or accelerate the import of 
> the new template in Launchpad for this and also for debian-installer as 
> there are new strings there too?

Sure. Arne or Adi need to approve the templates (like bootloader.pot
which seems to be waiting for manual approval[1]) and they'll be
imported (fwiw, our import queue is working quite well these days, so
they should be imported in a few hours once they are approved).

But, note that depending on how these strings are integrated (i.e. I
suspect they are not using language packs), you've got only non-langpack
translation deadline (April 9th) to translate them.



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