No KDE upstream translations imported to Rosetta?

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Mon Sep 29 10:32:04 BST 2008

2008/9/28 Matthew East <mdke at>:
> To try to minimise future problems, could it be considered for
> communications between Rosetta and Ubuntu to be done on this list?
> Ubuntu is a community project and unless there is a good reason to do
> things privately (maybe there was in this case, I don't know), I think
> that using this list is probably the best way to avoid
> misunderstandings, because more eyes will see the mails.

I agree. Launchpad's Rosetta people, please communicate and discuss on
the ubuntu-translators list.

Jeroen gave a good description of some of the problems a few days ago
on launchpad-users:

Launchpad-users is a moderated list, and my post from three days ago
is still not visible. I'd like to re-iterate a part of it:
As the KDE4 pot:s seem to be imported now (though po files not yet),
there's "only" 132 "Needs review" pot:s queued. Of those, I'd like to
point out this one:

...just because being able to translate those entries in
gnome-app-install would be a major l10n improvement in intrepid.

That is: translators, if you see app-install-data-ubuntu becoming
available (it still isn't), translate! It will patch up a rather
visible i18n problem seen by everyone eg. installing codecs via
gnome-app-install. The problem and the current fix were discussed at
which I reported two months ago.


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