No KDE upstream translations imported to Rosetta?

Jannick Kuhr jakuhr-linux at
Tue Sep 23 17:25:24 BST 2008

Erdal Ronahi schrieb:
> On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 4:41 PM, Jannick Kuhr <jakuhr-linux at> wrote:
>> I just noticed that we have now translation templates for Intrepid. So we have
>> about one month for translations. But even worse is, that at least for KDE no
>> translations have been imported. For german I know that KDE 4.1.1 is almost
>> completly translated, but in Rosetta we just have 50% translated strings,
>> probably the ones already existing in KDE3.
> There was no answer to this post from 10 days ago, bu I share the same
> concern. All the KDE translations for Kurdish are those which were
> already in Launchpad, nothing seems to have been imported from KDE 4
> upstream.
> Regards,
> Erdal

If nothing changes within the next few days, Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex will 
be released almost without any form of acceptable i18n and also with the 
worst i18n of all important distributions. I18n issues and a very low 
priority of fixing them (of cause also due to a lack of man power) have 
a large tradition in Kubuntu, but the current problems are the worst in 
the history of the Rosetta/Launchpad. This is a very sad situation, 
especially for the upstream translators who spent a lot of time bringing 
the kde4 translation to perfection for this very important release. 
Since Dapper Drake the german upstream KDE translation team always tried 
to help Kubuntu/Cananical to figure out the problems of Rosetta 
regarding KDE's i18n and we also had people - not even using Kubuntu - 
in the german Kubuntu translation team to care about the translations. 
We did this just to avoid that our users have to suffer from the 
deficiencies of the Ubuntu translation process using Rosetta. The very 
bad situation for the first real KDE4 release and the obvious lack of 
interest in fixing these issues badly disappoint us and caused us to 
decide that we will completely stop our engagement in the Kubuntu 
translation project from now on.

Kind but very frustrated regards,

Jannick Kuhr
(responsable for the german Kubuntu translation within the last 2,5 years)

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