How to get a new language for Ubuntu

Arne Goetje arne.goetje at
Tue Sep 16 16:18:12 BST 2008

Erdal Ronahi wrote:
>>> I could nowhere find information about how to get a new language that
>>> is already in Launchpad into Ubuntu with language packs and all.
>>> Therefore I have filed a bug for language packs in Kurdish Sorani
>>> (ckb):
>> Ubuntu main after the initial release.  Maybe that has changed since,
>> but filing a bug should be a good way to get their attention.
> That is understood, the question was not for Hardy, but for Intrepid
> (or Jaunty). The bug has been around for a while, but as you said I
> will write to Martin directly, too.

The issue with "new" languages is: there needs to be locale data
available for that language, otherwise the translation cannot be used on
the system. This is not Ubuntu specific, but exists on every operating

As there is no locale available for ckb, we naturally cannot have
language packs for that language.

If you are a native speaker and can help me with the translation of the
locale data, I can add that information for Jaunty. Intrepid has been
frozen already.

I will follow up on the bug you mentioned.


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