How to get a new language for Ubuntu

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Tue Sep 16 12:48:13 BST 2008

Hi Erdal,

У уто, 16. 09 2008. у 13:03 +0200, Erdal Ronahi пише:
> Hi folks,
> I could nowhere find information about how to get a new language that
> is already in Launchpad into Ubuntu with language packs and all.
> Therefore I have filed a bug for language packs in Kurdish Sorani
> (ckb):
> Is this the right way to request it? Who can help?

I remember hearing Martin Pitt that they can't add new packages to
Ubuntu main after the initial release.  Maybe that has changed since,
but filing a bug should be a good way to get their attention.

Though, you may want to contact Arne Goetje or Martin Pitt directly,
just in case.


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