No KDE upstream translations imported to Rosetta?

Jannick Kuhr jakuhr-linux at
Sat Sep 13 15:41:27 BST 2008


I just noticed that we have now translation templates for Intrepid. So we have 
about one month for translations. But even worse is, that at least for KDE no 
translations have been imported. For german I know that KDE 4.1.1 is almost 
completly translated, but in Rosetta we just have 50% translated strings, 
probably the ones already existing in KDE3.

Btw. Adept still uses the old templates, right? Or aren't there any new 
strings in the new, rewritten version? I can't imagine...

Is anyone of the resonsibles aware of this issues? Is there any possibility to 
fix this asap to give us at least a few days for Kubuntu translations?

To be honestly, I'm quite shocked by the translation status :-(

Kind regards,

Jannick Kuhr

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