Translations from the debian-installer package

David Planella david.planella at
Fri Oct 31 16:58:57 GMT 2008

Hi Milo,

2008/10/31 Milo Casagrande <milo_casagrande at>:
> I've been trying to write a document about the d-i translation process, I had an email exchange with Ben Collins and also with Christian Perrier some time ago about this issue (and other i18n related things)... but due to lack of time and real life work, I've not been able to complete that document.
> You can find it here:
> it's basically a draft, but I've been writing down some ideas on my computer during this period of time on what to write and what needs to be written.
> I'm more than happy if somebody will help me out and more than happy to share the ideas I collected.

Regarding this particular point, I'd be willing to help as time allows
it. As I was mentioning on my previous e-mail, I created this page:

based on the information from Colin's message on this thread. It is
also a draft that could probably need some organisation, so please
feel free to modify it according to your views.


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