Help needed for start page

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Wed Oct 29 07:57:20 GMT 2008

2008/10/25 Matthew Nuzum <matthew.nuzum at>:
> An explanation of the strings: This is a web-page (included in the
> tarball). Therefore there is a page title that makes up one string.
> There's also three links, one to the help documentation, one to the
> community site and one to the ubuntu shop.

I think there is now a big lack of ability to find your local Ubuntu
resources. Previously, it was easy to go to the LoCoTeam's site or
forums, now it's basically impossible other than doing a search for
"ubuntu" using the Google search. I know it's available via
"Participate" (or "Osallistu" in Finnish), but if you are searching
for help on eg. forums in your own language, you cannot be expected to
"Participate" and read through multitude of English choices to finally
find "Local Ubuntu Teams" which still doesn't sound like "Local help
by the community" but some activity you have to join.

Basically the Ubuntu Help should IMHO include some of the stuff
currently found at As is not yet open, of course I don't know
if it already has some of that stuff! It could even have eg. two
panes, one with the ubuntu-docs stuff and one with eg. the translated
"Getting Help with Ubuntu" paragraph from Would something like that be doable?
Likewise, the localized "Participate in Ubuntu" could be used as an
introductory text on the Participate page.

So all the three linked pages are in English only currently. could be translated since all translations
for ubuntu-docs are in Launchpad, but apparently it's still not (at
least for Finnish, fi). Is this going to be improved for Ubuntu 8.10?

Furthermore, indeed the Search button should be translated too. In
Finnish/fi it's "Hae".

Anyway, thanks all for the work done, it's a tight schedule.


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