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Adi Roiban adi at
Tue Oct 28 22:42:38 GMT 2008

În data de Du, 26-10-2008 la 11:27 +0100, Thor Marius K.H. a scris:
> Hello,
> Although I mostly agree, there might be some additional point of
> views. As you mentioned, some launchpad users don't want to join your
> team because it has the name Ubuntu in it. However, I believe that
> this is also the case the other way around. Some translators only want
> to join the group because they are interested in translating Ubuntu
> and nothing else, and thus assigning them as launchpad wide
> translators might be a little of the edge.

The main idea is to create a group of trusted translators and if the
coordinator of a project is in doubt with assigning translation
permission he/she could use this group.

In launchpad I can see this entities listed here as "Translation teams"
but at least for Romania there is also a person listed.

> I can't speak of those who wouldn't want to join launchpad-l10n-*, but
> perhaps it would be good to check if it is the other way around as
> well?

That is true. I have also an impartial view over this change and I am
happy to read others opinion. 

> Again, apart from such possibilities I see this could be a great
> improvement in making launchpad more neutral (as it is no secret that
> many think launchpad is too closely tied to Ubuntu).

I agree!

> Regards, 
> --
> Thor Marius K.H
> On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 08:48, Adi Roiban <adi at> wrote:
>         Hi,
>         As the coordinator of Romanian Ubuntu Localization I am happy
>         to see the
>         team growing and team members start working at translating the
>         Ubuntu
>         distribution but also other non-Ubuntu related projects from
>         Launchpad.
>         My goal for the Romanian Ubuntu Localization team is to build
>         it as a
>         group of people with good localization skils and any new or
>         existent
>         project from Launchpad (or from somewhere else) will trust
>         it's member
>         and rest assured that their project localization for Romanian
>         on good
>         hands.
>         Even thou we are not translating only Ubuntu the Romanian team
>         has
>         Ubuntu in it's name and in some cases this stop people from
>         joining the
>         team of doing localizations for other projects.
>         My sugestion is to rename the ubuntu-l10n-ro team to
>         launchpad-l10n-ro
>         or any other generic name.
>         Also if for example (just hypothetical) Fedora Project would
>         like to
>         translate Fedora distribution using Launchpad (when it will be
>         free
>         software) I doubt they will be happy to assign the
>         localization to
>         Ubuntu Translators groups but maybe they are ok with assigning
>         to
>         Launchpad Translators.
>         I see this change in naming as a sign that we are not a group
>         of
>         separatists willing to translate any Ubuntu package into our
>         languages
>         but we are an open group interested in translating any project
>         using
>         Rosetta.
>         I see this change as a mandatory one by the time Launchpad
>         will be a
>         free software project.
>         I like Launchpad because people work together in the same
>         place, the
>         bugs and translations can be shared between projects. If we
>         will have a
>         Launchpad instance for each project then Launchpad will be no
>         longer
>         useful.
>         Having strong and active localizations team, willing to
>         translate not
>         only Ubuntu but any other package will be a good reason for
>         people to
>         register their project on Launchpad.
>         What do you think?
>         Kind regards,
>         --
>         Adi Roiban
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