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Felipe Gil Castiñeira xil at
Wed Oct 29 01:41:33 GMT 2008

Hi David and Matthew,

The problem is in the "" script. It seems that po2html does
not manage correctly the accents in the po file. A work-around is the
usage of HTML codes for special characters [1] in the .po file instead
of the utf-8 encoded characters (e.g. "Páxina" instead of "Páxina").

Matthew: I am attaching the corrected Galician translation (gl.po with
HTML codes). I have also checked the page,
and the Galician version is not working at all... Am I being very
impatient or is there any problem? Thanks!

Kind regards,


David Planella wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> I have just noticed the new start page has been released.
> However, I see that the title is at least for the Catalan translation
> is not being displayed correctly.
> Although the text in the submitted translation was correctly encoded
> in UTF-8, the published browser start page title shows some kind of
> unreadable character (see the screenshot in the bug report mentioned
> below). Having had a look at the HTML source, it seems that the
> character is wrongly written there. Is the page really encoded in
> UTF-8?
> I have also submitted a bug about this [1].
> As translators are doing an extra effort to provide last-minute
> translations to this page, it would be nice to have them correctly
> published before release.
> Also, is it really not possible to translate the "Search" string on
> the search button?
> Thanks.
> Regards,
> David.
> [1]
>> 2008/10/25 David Planella <david.planella at>:
>>> Hi Matthew,
>>> please find attached the Catalan translation.
>>> I must also agree with Bruno Patri: the page should be fully
>>> translatable. What's most visible for me at the moment is the "Search"
>>> button: at least that should be translatable, otherwise a half
>>> English, half localised start page does not give a very good
>>> impression.
>>> The ability to provide a localised google URL (e.g., .de or
>>> whathever) would be nice as well.
>>> Regards,
>>> David.

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