Help needed for start page

David Planella david.planella at
Tue Oct 28 23:12:44 GMT 2008

Hi Matthew,

I have just noticed the new start page has been released.

However, I see that the title is at least for the Catalan translation
is not being displayed correctly.

Although the text in the submitted translation was correctly encoded
in UTF-8, the published browser start page title shows some kind of
unreadable character (see the screenshot in the bug report mentioned
below). Having had a look at the HTML source, it seems that the
character is wrongly written there. Is the page really encoded in

I have also submitted a bug about this [1].

As translators are doing an extra effort to provide last-minute
translations to this page, it would be nice to have them correctly
published before release.

Also, is it really not possible to translate the "Search" string on
the search button?




> 2008/10/25 David Planella <david.planella at>:
>> Hi Matthew,
>> please find attached the Catalan translation.
>> I must also agree with Bruno Patri: the page should be fully
>> translatable. What's most visible for me at the moment is the "Search"
>> button: at least that should be translatable, otherwise a half
>> English, half localised start page does not give a very good
>> impression.
>> The ability to provide a localised google URL (e.g., .de or
>> whathever) would be nice as well.
>> Regards,
>> David.

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