renaming ubuntu-translators to launchpad-translators

Adi Roiban adi at
Sun Oct 26 08:33:12 GMT 2008

În data de Du, 26-10-2008 la 10:00 +0200, Timo Jyrinki a scris:
> 2008/10/26 Adi Roiban <adi at>:
> > Also if for example (just hypothetical) Fedora Project would like to
> > translate Fedora distribution using Launchpad (when it will be free
> > software) I doubt they will be happy to assign the localization to
> > Ubuntu Translators groups but maybe they are ok with assigning to
> > Launchpad Translators.
> Just as a quick note. Ubuntu Translators are groups which only work
> under Ubuntu project, in Launchpad under
> They have no special rights elsewhere in Launchpad, and there are no
> Launchpad-wide translation groups.
Ubuntu Tranlators have translations right for many other projects, not only Ubuntu.
(ex. Gnome DO

> If there would be eg. Fedora in Lauchpad, it would be at
>, and it would have its own translation
> groups. It's the same for any project using Launchpad for
> translations,, except for that many
> smaller projects unfortunately do not have teams established and allow
> anyone to change translations.
* Maybe Fedora was not a good example, but in Launchpad we have right now 
8739 [1] projects and 415 [2] of them ar translatable.

If I am an active translator I would like to be able to translate all
projects in Launchpad and then I will have to join 415 groups. 
Is someone from this group happy to join that amoung of groups?

 * Only Ubuntu Translator has 192 teams for each language.

415 projects * 192 languages = 79680 groups

I see this as an administrative bargain.

> I think it should be (about) like this, since one can join multiple
> translation groups and a successful background in other translation
> groups should allow joining to be also more easy. It's not like GNOME
> translators should automatically be allowed to join KDE translators
> (if both projects were using Launchpad), since the terminology differs
> and the projects might have different QA processes etc.

> -Timo
Why would GNOME Do needs to set up their own translation team. It is a
small project and it's maintainer want to allocate his time for
developing the project and not creating and assigning new translation

What is wrong with GNOME Do assigning Ubuntu Translators as it's
translations group?

In Launchpad there are many small projects and theirs developers are not
very concerned about localization. They want to have their application
translated in other languages but they  are not happy to spend to much
time with setting up translations groups.

Having a well established and trusted Launchpad Translators group will
enable project coordinators to make their application available in other
language with just a few clicks.

This is my point of view as an active translator using Launchpad and
coordinator or Ubuntu Romanian localization team.

Adi Roiban

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