renaming ubuntu-translators to launchpad-translators

Adi Roiban adi at
Sun Oct 26 07:48:44 GMT 2008


As the coordinator of Romanian Ubuntu Localization I am happy to see the
team growing and team members start working at translating the Ubuntu
distribution but also other non-Ubuntu related projects from Launchpad.

My goal for the Romanian Ubuntu Localization team is to build it as a
group of people with good localization skils and any new or existent
project from Launchpad (or from somewhere else) will trust it's member
and rest assured that their project localization for Romanian on good

Even thou we are not translating only Ubuntu the Romanian team has
Ubuntu in it's name and in some cases this stop people from joining the
team of doing localizations for other projects.

My sugestion is to rename the ubuntu-l10n-ro team to launchpad-l10n-ro
or any other generic name. 

Also if for example (just hypothetical) Fedora Project would like to
translate Fedora distribution using Launchpad (when it will be free
software) I doubt they will be happy to assign the localization to
Ubuntu Translators groups but maybe they are ok with assigning to
Launchpad Translators.

I see this change in naming as a sign that we are not a group of
separatists willing to translate any Ubuntu package into our languages
but we are an open group interested in translating any project using

I see this change as a mandatory one by the time Launchpad will be a
free software project. 

I like Launchpad because people work together in the same place, the
bugs and translations can be shared between projects. If we will have a
Launchpad instance for each project then Launchpad will be no longer

Having strong and active localizations team, willing to translate not
only Ubuntu but any other package will be a good reason for people to
register their project on Launchpad.
What do you think?

Kind regards,
Adi Roiban

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