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Yannig MARCHEGAY yannick.marchegay at
Sat Oct 25 07:41:38 BST 2008

Matthew Nuzum wrote:
> Hello friends,
> At the request of Google and a few other forces I've made changes to
> the Firefox online start-page for 8.10, the most notable change being
> a drastically simplified experience. The text has been decreased
> signifcantly to just four strings.
> Would you please consider helping me to translate these four short
> strings so that we can launch on Thursday with as many languages
> enabled for the start page as possible? Thanks to the efforts of
> Volans on the web-presence team I'm attaching a tarball that contains
> the .pot file and related stuff.
> If you have time to help out, just send me your .po file. I know this
> is a last minute request and I hate to impose but I do greatly
> appreciate any time you can spare.
> If you want to help but not able to contribute by Thursday it's ok to
> send the .po file later. Based on the success of the last start page
> people continue to use this for months and months and they will
> certainly appreciate seeing their language appear even if its not
> there on release day.
> An explanation of the strings: This is a web-page (included in the
> tarball). Therefore there is a page title that makes up one string.
> There's also three links, one to the help documentation, one to the
> community site and one to the ubuntu shop.
> Thanks a bunch!
Here you have Occitan translation.

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