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Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at
Fri Oct 24 14:08:34 BST 2008

Timo Jyrinki wrote:
> Is there any idea why the queue every now and then seems stalled? Like
> now with
> - is there a constant flow of new kde-packages put in front of the
> queue, since there has been a bit over 1000 PO files until the OOo
> ones for a long time (two days or so)?

Several causes, as far as I can make out:

1. Lots of big, new imports.

2. A double-whammy increase in server load.  Long story.

3. Re-uploads of entries that failed previously take the original 
uploads' places in the queue.

> The deadline for translations would be tonight, and not all eg. GNOME
> 2.24.1 translations will be in. I think there has never been a case
> that language packs would be actually up-to-date during the time of
> language pack deadline or release, so I'd hope the performance issues
> would still be investigated for jaunty.

Working on it!  Optimizing problems in production that we can't 
reproduce on test machines is a bit like doing crossword puzzles in the 
dark, but people are coming up with some interesting problem causes and 

> Anyway, it's time to also say thanks for catching up from the lack of
> communication and other problems to a state that we are (probably) not
> worse than with previous releases. Ubuntu 8.10 will be a solid release
> from langpacks point of view, and the main i18n problems are on the
> source packages side this time
> (

I won't have time to look into this list any further this weekend, but 
please remind me Monday if there is anything that needs my attention!


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