Current Intrepid translation issues page

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Thu Oct 23 20:04:56 BST 2008

Is there any idea why the queue every now and then seems stalled? Like
now with
- is there a constant flow of new kde-packages put in front of the
queue, since there has been a bit over 1000 PO files until the OOo
ones for a long time (two days or so)?

The deadline for translations would be tonight, and not all eg. GNOME
2.24.1 translations will be in. I think there has never been a case
that language packs would be actually up-to-date during the time of
language pack deadline or release, so I'd hope the performance issues
would still be investigated for jaunty.

Anyway, it's time to also say thanks for catching up from the lack of
communication and other problems to a state that we are (probably) not
worse than with previous releases. Ubuntu 8.10 will be a solid release
from langpacks point of view, and the main i18n problems are on the
source packages side this time


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