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Jochen Skulj jochen at jochenskulj.de
Sat Oct 11 10:29:37 BST 2008

Am Samstag, den 11.10.2008, 09:50 +0100 schrieb Matthew East:
> Not really, some of the pot templates have few changes, others have a
> lot - they are all important. We are only a few days away from the
> translation freeze now, and the queue doesn't seem to have reduced at
> all, so I suspect we'll just have to accept that pushing post-release
> updates for translations is going to be the priority and the initial
> release won't be very well localised.

Will there be a concrete time schedule for the post-release updates? I
would I be greatful if such a time schedule could be set up or if at
least all future steps would be announced on this list.

Besides facing frustrated users I see another big problem in motivating
those translators who just joined the translation team. We have some of
such translators; in fact the German team mostly consists of new
translators. They invested very much effort and did a good job in
updating the hardy translations in hope that these translations were
imported into intrepid. If these translators see that their work will
not reach the users at release date they might have the impression that
their efforts were wasted and leave the community. It would not be the
first time that this happens.

Just to say »we do some updates later« might sound a little bit elusive
to really disappointed users and translators. I think if we were able to
(officially) announce »Ok, we had some problems, but we fix that until
November 20th.« we would have a little chance to preserve a little bit
of trust and motivation (which are key factors for having community

Just my thoughts on this.

Jochen Skulj
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