ubuntu-docs updates for translation into Intrepid

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at canonical.com
Thu Oct 9 11:19:05 BST 2008

Matthew East wrote:

>>> I would have thought that pot templates should be given priority over
>>> po templates in the queue.

>> There is a problem with that: it means that people start translating without
>> seeing what work is already done but waiting for import.  So you could end
>> up with the same translation effort going into much less useful things.

> I don't see that. As long as there are po files waiting for import,
> there will always be people starting translation without seeing what
> work is already done (unless they check the import queue carefully).
> However, with pot files, these contain *new* translations so none of
> the translators can see them until they are imported. That's why I
> think these should have priority.

It largely depends on how much of the overall translation work the 
pending imports will cover.  The lower the ratio, the more sense it 
makes to prioritize the templates.  Can you give me a very rough 
impression of what that ratio is likely to be for the pending ubuntu-docs?

(There are other prioritization criteria of course.  We generally don't 
do that because any algorithm is likely to have weaknesses, possibly 
even starvation risk or other pathological cases.  But we can "cheat" a 
little by asking admins to modify certain upload dates.)


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