R: Translation of Ubuntu glossary and terminology in rosetta

Danilo Šegan danilo at canonical.com
Fri Nov 21 14:31:10 GMT 2008

Hi Adi, Milo,

I'll touch on the subjects I am most interested in :)

У сре, 19. 11 2008. у 17:23 +0200, Adi Roiban пише:

> 2. Creating a glossary.pot / terminology.pot , make an initial
> translation and see how to improve Launchpad to make better user of this
> glossary or manage this file.
> We can start from the gnome glossary or other glossary.
> The Romanian glossary is located here: http://i18n.ro/glosar/ and I can
> export it's content.
> Each entry should have a comment about it's context usage.
> 3. Create a common-phrases.pot for defining a standard.
> The Romanian teams are using such a guide in the form of a wikipage:
> http://i18n.ro/Ghidul_traducatorului_de_software
> It contains an explanation of the standard translation together with
> some examples of good and bad translations.
> Maybe we can split these in different threads and on different
> mailinglists.

I've registered a blueprint and proposed for the coming UDS:


This should be taken as only the first step, but if don't start, we're
never going to accomplish it.

Please plan for attending it so we can move this off the ground.


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