Important Launchpad news: removal of non-BSD licenced translations

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Fri Nov 14 14:57:58 GMT 2008

Hi Peter,

У пет, 14. 11 2008. у 14:32 +0000, Peter Clifton пише:
> What about people who haven't answered the question yet.. is there
> going to be a mail-out to those translators, or the administrators of
> the projects concerned?

Those translations will be kept. In general, previous license agreement
assigned all translations to Canonical as well (at least that's what the
terms of use said: not everybody was aware of that which is why we've
also made the agreement explicit a few months back), allowing Canonical
to do such a migration without asking people directly about it, but
we've decided to give people choice if they are strongly against it.

> What I don't want to see, is translations being lost in our (or other)
> projects because a Translator hasn't logged in recently, or hasn't
> seen this message - or is otherwise out of communication.

No need to worry—that won't happen.


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