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Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at
Fri Nov 7 10:29:46 GMT 2008


(Sorry for the late reply)

Jeroen Vermeulen írta:
> Gabor Kelemen wrote:
>> I understand that, but
>> -the problem still exists
>> -then it should be solved some other way: how about grabbing the
>> translations exported for language packs, putting them back into the
>> last sources and recompiling only with this change?
> That's still a pretty long feedback cycle!  You're talking about days at
> minimum, probably much longer before a newly translated message can make
> it back in. 

Yes, but this is not really a matter, because of the relatively small
number of affected strings and changes. It's fine if this occurs only a
few times (< 3) in a whole release cycle, and one last time right
before the langpack freeze. Or only one time, after non-langpack freeze.
Just make it happen _at all_, that's all I want.

> Most of this involves how the packages are built (just
> outside my daily field of view, so I can't say much about it), but you
> mention server and developer time and obviously those are limited.  

Where should I show up with this request then?
I admit that this needs both developer and server time, bad luck, but
IMHO this is just necessary to use LP translations with the distribution
properly. No, doing only the easiest 97% of the job is not enough :P.

Gabor Kelemen

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