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David Planella david.planella at
Wed Nov 5 19:06:22 GMT 2008

Hi Matthew,

as I understand it, the way this is going to get fixed temporarily is
by uploading the changes submitted by Gabor, which are basically all
html pages with the correct encoding.

If this is the case, and as the script to generate the pages is not
going to be fixed at this point, I would suggest to translate the
"Search" text directly on the HTML page and publish that version.
Therefore, please find attached the Catalan [ca] version with the
translated "Search" button.

And I am sorry if I sound harsh here, but discarding the previous
start page just a few days before release, publishing it untested,
being notified about this bug at least 2 days before release and still
having not published the _trivial_ fix does not correspond to the
quality I would expect from Ubuntu. Even if 6 months is a tight

This is a serious bug (in some languages the text is unreadable), and
I believe it should be treated like that.

What I would propose here is to create a browser-start-page project
where all this can be developed in the open. In this way, the
community will be at least able to react quicker and contribute next
time such an issue occurs.

In any case, thanks for having published the sources at In my oppinion this
is a step in the right direction.

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