Improving documentation on starting translating Ubuntu

Neskie Manuel neskiem at
Sun May 18 08:50:23 BST 2008

Hi Everyone,

I've started a new localization project to translate Ubuntu into
Secwepemctsin(shs) [1].  I've looked all over for one good document
outlining the whole process, but couldn't find one.  Depending on
where you are coming from and what level of support your language has
you might have to do a bit of work before you can effectively use
Launchpad for translating.

There are quite a bit of packages that I had to edit myself before I
could get full language support.  Here are some of the packages I've
found that needed to be changed for my language.

  Need to create own locale so that GNOME, KDE can display translated strings.

  Need to be able to input characters.

  Orthographies Create .orth file and include in fontconfig library so
that fc-list :lang=lang_code will return fonts that support your
language.  gdm uses fontconfig to determine if your locale is
displayable according to the language you are using.

  edit /etc/gdm/locale.conf so that you're locale has an alias and
alias will show up in language menu.

OO.o locale:
 OO.o uses XML for its locale file instead of POSIX locales.  Don't
really know much about this, but I have made one.

Instead of editing these files directly on your computer it's better
to download the source edit the source and use debchange --nmu and
upload a package to a team PPA for other people to download and test.
I've made extensive use of our teams PPA [2] for this purpose.

It would be nice to have better documentation describing the
Translation process before Launchpad.  Where would be a good place?
As a link from

Yeri Tsucws

[1] -
[2] -

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