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Thu Jun 12 23:09:36 BST 2008

Ubuntu's packages, different teams eventually come up with their own
protocols and processes to ensure that the entire team is working
towards the same goal without duplicating their efforts. The Brazilian
team, for instance, made a special point of telling new volunteers
about the process for being accepted into the team, which envolves an
introductory email to the mailing list, and a buddy system where a
more "seasoned" translator "adopts" a new volunteer and shows him the
ropes. There is also information about standard vocabulary to use as
well as a list of who's doing what. Unfortunately for many, this
information can only be obtained if the volunteer takes the time to
dig through the documentation in the wiki page we've built. One could
argue that those who figure out how to get past this "barrier" are the
"type" of volunteers you'd want in your team (i.e. they've shown the
motivation and perseverance, etc), but I feel that this information
should be made easier to get to somehow.

It would  be nice to hear from other teams leads what they do outside
of Rosetta to ensure that their teams run smoothly, so that we could
reach a common denominator and see if some of these "special" bits of
information can then be added to the UI somehow?

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