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Matthias Urlichs <smurf at> writes:

> Hi,
> luca (ᴉ) innurindi:
>> I think they negatively affect also the Ubuntu translations made in
>> Launchpad, because who spends some time and energy for providing a
>> quality translation if someone can later distribute this one in a
>> closed way and under his own license?
> Ummm, in theory, yes, but ...
>> The BSD licence can encourage the behaviour of profiting from the
>> others' work without costs.
> ... we're talking about translations of some specific, open-source-
> licensed software here. Presumably the translations are of no use if you
> don't already have the software. And the translations, once shipped with
> said software, will inherit its license (being derived works).

So the change of the license doesn't affect the translation of the
Ubuntu operating system but other specific software?

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