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Sat Jun 14 15:04:31 BST 2008

2008/6/13 Danilo Šegan <danilo at>:

> > As western Ubuntu translators we only have to translate a small subset
> > of packages, basically the ones written under the Ubuntu umbrella, and
> > the documentation. Furthermore we have to spot for import errors and
> > keep an eye on single missing or changed strings. What we want to avoid
> > is a brain split between upstream and Ubuntu translations. For this task
> > we only need a team of about 5 to 10 active translators, who are capable
> > and interested in polishing.
> Indeed, this is something where we need better sync with upstream
> translations for it to be practical: i.e. as long as what you see in
> Launchpad are the latest translations from upstream, I don't see any
> problem with current Launchpad approach.  Of course, some minor UI
> improvements are to be done (like grouping packages into
> ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop,...), and we are planning on doing
> them, but it all takes time.

Indeed. Regarding making e.g. ubuntu-desktop groupings, from my point of
view, as a person the worries about Ubuntu-upstream contribution conflicts,
it would be much more useful to have groupings based on the upstream
locations of the package, say make a GNOME-group, KDE-group, XFCE-group,
TP-group, LP-group and "Scattered upstream"-group. That would make it very
much easier to explain to a newcomer what he should do to contribute to a
speceific package depending on which group it is in.

> > Furthermore it is also very time consuming to review and approve
> > suggestions. I don't see a real speedup compared to writing them on my
> > own. Especially since there is no way to provide feedback to the
> > translators in Rosetta. If there is no contact outside of Rosetta I have
> > to correct the same errors again and again.
> I believe the lack of documentation is to blame here.  Reviewing
> suggestions would not speed you up short-term, but once you have
> reviewed enough of someone's translations and start considering him a
> good translator, you'd make him a reviewer as well, and then it would
> be two of you translating, and two of you reviewing.

I disagree. I believe it is the process currently involved that is the
principal source of the time used reviewing, reviewing _can_ be done in a
manner that takes less time per string than you would use translating it
your self, so getting more people to review would simply mean more people
wasting time.

> I.e. imagine sequence of uploads:
>  Last-Translator: Sascha
>  msgid "File" msgstr "Datei"
>  Last-Translator: Karl
>  msgid "File" msgstr "DDatei"
>  Last-Translator: Karl
>  msgid "File" msgstr "Datei"
> This may lead to a case of translator Sascha and reviewer Karl.

Ahh I see. Yeah that we need to doecument at some time.

Regards Kenneth Nielsen
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